A Chart of Universal Flood Events

The historical events, as indicated with time sequences and ocean elevations on the chart, start from 8,000 B.C. ( a tentative date ) on the left and proceed to the right to 2,000 A.D.

The 8,000 B.C. date is established from extremely mutilated mastodon tusks and bones discovered in the central areas of the State of Michigan. These remains set the exact time and place of the explosion impact collision of the multi-meteoritic swarm with the earth. Before 8,000 B.C., the earth had a warmer climate with a 360-day orbit. There was no ice age present at this time and the continental shelf was above ocean level. All continents were connected by extensive landmasses of the continental shelf.

The first days, months, and years. The explosion impact affected the earth's rotation to such a degree that it caused a gyration of the earth's polar axis and a brief shift to a 366-day orbit. This axis, now established in Greenland, becomes the pole of rotation for the plates and ridges that are progressively formed by the massive interior seismic disturbances working on the earth's forces of gravity. The resulting uplift of the ocean abysmal plains became the first immediate causes in the flooding of the continental shelves. Rapid ice formations quickly develop from extremely heavy precipitation at the north and south pole gyrating circumferences; and, in combination with uplift the continuous displacement causes the rise of the ocean waters. This displacement of waters reaches elevations well over 5,000 feet above sea level. From this high point of the catastrophic event the time period moves in the direction of stabilization from a 366-day to a 365.25-day orbit.

Stage 1.The very unstable climate of this stage resulted in massive glacial ice accumulations in the north and south Polar Regions. Alternating glacial advance and retreat periods due to unstable weather conditions followed this. Island plateaus exposed by the receding waters were the first to be inhabited. For several centuries, snow accumulations in the polar basins caused a continuous drop in ocean levels. This ice and snow transition occurred in unison and proportion with the stabilizing gyrations of the earth's axis. The receding ocean levels created terraces, canyons, arches, pinnacles, and mesas, which can be seen in all parts of the world at various elevations. Boulder rafting also occurred at this stage. All these features are physical evidence that the existence of the floodwaters was universal.

Stage 2. With the continued snow accumulations in the Polar Regions the ocean levels dropped well below the continental shelf. This situation, which lasted several thousand years, caused the increasing population to settle the continental shelf areas. During this stage, the ocean levels began to rise with further stabilization effects of earth's orbit and climate. All continents were connected by the continental shelf landmasses.

Stage 3. At the beginning of this stage a second flood occurred. A vast accumulation of melt water in the mostly land locked Arctic Ocean was released into the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Greenland. The volume of these waters was so great that it inundated immediately the continental shelf. The legendary Atlantis and Gilgamesh Epic were the probable unfortunate result of this sudden rise in ocean levels. This inundation is recorded in many cultures through out the world. The North Sea, Baltic Sea, Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean were affected by this second flood. Megalithic building began during this period such as Stonehenge, which has numerous posthole remains recording the sun's erratic yearly solstice positions. This may have been the main reason for such building to be erected during this unstable period.

Stage 4. Much of the ice formations have melted down with remnants of glaciers remaining in high mountain regions. The Ice Age of the Noachian Flood is waning to this day.

The influence of the Uniformitarian Concepts ( The present is the key to the past. ) set a wrong tradition of understanding within the accepted teachings of many sciences. The dates and periods of the past eras have been greatly exaggerated because of this academic stance. For example: the present claim that a million year ice age existed 10,000 years ago does not make any sense. Many discoveries can be sited that prove this occurrence to be wrong. The Chart of Universal Flood Events sets the recent past history in its' proper order. Many controversial scientific anomalies of this period will be seen in a different light.

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